Highlights: Margaux Brugvin on the exhibition "Un Lac Inconnu"

Discover the exhibition “Un Lac Inconnu” through the eyes of the journalist Margaux Brugvin and her 3 highlights: Haim Steinbach’s work “Close your eyes”, Adélaïde Feriot’s sculptures “Rayon vert” and finally Emilija Škarnulytė’s video installation “Sunken Cities”.

The inaugural exhibition of the Bally Foundation borrows its title from the words of Marcel Proust when he tries to describe, in his book Le temps retrouvé (Time Regained), the meticulous exploration of the human soul and what underlies it: the unconscious. The exhibition is an invitation to the evocative power of the surrounding nature, to its ability to inspire imagination and create persistent images, to penetrate dormant and deep waters, maternal or troubled, to transform the boundaries between exterior and interior into thin membranes, to walk in our intimate gardens, our immersed landscapes. Discover the exhibition at the Villa Heleneum - Bally Foundation until September 24th.

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