Interview with Caroline Bachmann

From her window, when the light is less defined and more changeable, as at sunrise or sunset, Caroline Bachmann observes the Lake Geneva. Her sketchbooks are filled with notes more than with drawings: she records the imperceptible variations in her environment and what it does to her, recording time as it passes. Her work is meticulous. It translates lines and colors, lists winds and temperatures, transcribes light, the shape of clouds, water textures, and effects of reflections. She draws diagrams and symbolic formulas worthy of a semiotic essay or a mathematics notebook. The variations are incessant so that the same window also offers infinite possibilities.

Caroline Bachmann develops new techniques with ease, playing with layers and transparency, aiming to transcribe almost invisible mutations. For the artist, it is a case of questioning the forms of repetition and series, of bringing the vision back to its conceptual expression, an allegory of a mental landscape where the apparent symbolism refers to a form of spirituality.

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