Angela Bulloch

Born in 1966 in Rainy River (Canada), she lives and works in Berlin (Germany)

Unseen (Daylight), 1990
Lamp (white plastic sphere), daylight bulb, electric cable, switch, metal plate, ⌀ 30cm

MAMCO Collection, Geneva.
« Autour de Gilles Dusein », with support from the artist, Serge Aboukrat,
Christian Bernard and Caroline Bourgeois

Angela Bulloch is interested in the semantics of space, whether real or digital, terrestrial or interstellar, drawing landscapes on the edge of aesthetic and mathematical territories. Her multimedia works, based on precise rules and formulas, decipher and expose the complexity of the control structures that govern the places she moves into. The British conceptual artist takes a critical look at our irrepressible need to subject reality to different forms of regulation and to organize our lives and relationships according to norms and systems. Through immersive and contemplative experiences, she studies how our interactions with objects structure and motivate our movement in space. Often abstract, her art appeals to the viewer’s imagination, allowing many possible interpretations. With its minimalist surroundings, which can almost be confused with a design piece, the work ‘Unseen (Daylight)’ illuminates the room and hypnotizes visitors. Faced with this simple round geometric shape, the relationship with the landscape may seem more abstract, but this unknown star invites a meditation on the beauty and complexity of the world, and a reflection on the relationship between technology and nature. Full moon or polar star illuminating a path in the dark night, its presence guides thoughts and brings out many questions: can a white plastic sphere reproduce effects similar to those provided by nature? Can a so-called daylight bulb simulate sunlight? Can it, like fascinating sunrises or sunsets, comfort hearts and minds? With a simple gesture, Angela Bulloch changes the atmosphere of the room, introduces the exterior to the interior, and questions the perception of time and space. The work is thus established as an exploration of light as a sensory, quasi-therapeutic experience.

Angela Bulloch, Unseen (Daylight), 1990 Lamp (white plastic sphere), daylight bulb, electric cable, switch, metal plate, ⌀ 30 cm – Photo © Annik Wetter Courtesy of MAMCO, Genève